Interview with Yaiza (@TATTOOYAUU)

On the 10th, 11th and 12th July Yaiza, known as tattooyauu, in social media, was working as a guest at No Land Tattoo Parlour and answered to a couple of our questions so that you know her a little better.

Sento tattoo valencia

Who are you, when and when were you born?

I’m Yaiza Durán Vidal, although in social media I am known as Yauu, and I was born on 30 September 1992 in Cartagena (Murcia).


Tell us about your career, studios where you have worked

I have always worked in my father’s studio La Buena Suerte (Tatuajes Benito) in Cartagena which has been in the business for a long time now. It was him who got me into this world. After six months tattooing I met some guys from Valencia, he is a tattoo artist and I tattooed his girlfriend.

We made good friends and they offered me my first guest appearance in 103 Street with (Sergio Reyes y Duque), I was delighted to learn new techniques and to see people working in their studio day after day. From there I went to Barcelona with a good friend (Manuel Sierra) at Mao and Cathy on the Rambla, and I also appeared in Madrid with Debora Cherrys at La Mujer Barbuda.

Sento tattoo valencia

I have been in Valencia several times, one of them as the first guest at my friends’ (Lili y Julia Zombie) new studio the Flamingo Tattoo.  And my last appearance over there was in a studio where I had really wanted to go because of its history and the level of experience, which is something I always value a lot, and it was in No Land Tattoo Parlour with Sento and all the team. It was a pleasure because I follow them a lot ,and because among them is Xam, one of my favourite tattoo artists.

It has been a pleasure to work in each of these studios and I have learned a lot from all of them!

How would you describe your work?

I think my work is a bit of a mix: I like to work with thick lines, sometimes I burn the needles to open them or I use RS for lines, but now I’m using finer things. I like cheerful and lively colour combinations. I want all of my works to give a sensation of joy and fun to everyone who sees or wears them. The designs are very happy as well: I usually put smileys, glitter and serpentine around the tattoo, I really like that party feeling.

I always try to make people who tattoo with me to have a good time, and the tattoo that they wear to be a good memory.

What are your new projects?

My new projects… there are many things I would like to do: I would like to go to conventions abroad; to work with reference tattoo artists and people who follow their work a lot; I would love to paint with acrylic. I usually draw with Copic, and in the last few years only with watercolour, but I want to learn new techniques. These aren’t really projects just things I would like to learn and enjoy.

I still don’t have any big projects like opening my place and so on. This does not appear in my plans.

Sento tattoo valencia