Version 1.0

Publication Date 01/10/2018


This document constitutes the legal basis governing the purchase of items offered in the online store of www.nolandtattooparlour.com.

What is not provided for in this document will be supplemented by the rest of the legal texts published on www.nolandtattooparlour.com as well as by the current legal regulations.

Users who make the purchase of any of the items offered will be governed by the policies and conditions existing at the time of purchase. For these purposes, the purchase conditions texts will always contain the date of their publication, in order to provide legal certainty to the user.


NO LAND TATTOO PARLOUR offers, through its website, the possibility of purchasing different products and items, which may be periodically renewed and expanded.


2.1. Search and select product

Search in our STORE section for the item you are interested in. You will see the BUY option and click on the button, giving you the option to ADD TO CART.

2.2. Data registration

2.2.1. To place an order, the user does not need to register, but we will need your data to be able to make the shipment, billing, contact, etc.

2.2.2. One of the advantages of being registered is that if you register, in future purchases you will not have to provide all your data again. If you do not register, we will need you to provide us with your contact and/or billing details to manage your purchase.

2.3. Shopping cart

2.3.1. NO LAND TATTOO PARLOUR has integrated a shopping cart, so if you want more than one product in the same session, you will not need to send us your data again, and we will be able to manage your order better.

2.3.2. WWW.NOLANDTATTOOPARLOUR.COM will confirm to the CLIENT at the email address provided to WWW.NOLANDTATTOOPARLOUR.COM the order placed at the end of the purchase process.

2.4. Purchase process

The purchase process is automated. We have a shopping cart that indicates at all times the necessary steps and links with PAYPAL, which manages the payment. Currently, we do not offer the possibility of purchasing by making a bank transfer or direct payment via a virtual POS card. Once we have received notification of the purchase decision and have payment verification, we will send you an email confirming your purchase and invoice if applicable.

2.5. Price

2.5.1. The products published on the WEBSITE include prices with the corresponding taxes, if applicable. The amount has the VAT itemized, and the shipping costs are already included in the purchase process, so you know at all times what the total cost of the item you are going to buy is. The final price indicated to you is the final price to be paid.

2.5.2. In our online store, we do not sell any products at a price of 0€, with a 100% discount, or below cost; however, in the event of price marking errors, due to computer or human errors, WWW.NOLANDTATTOOPARLOUR.COM reserves the right to cancel orders that may contain products with erroneous prices, at 0€ or 100% discount, or whose price was mistakenly below cost, with prior notice to the customer. If you find any such error, please let us know to resolve it immediately.

2.6. Payment methods

5.6.1. The available payment methods are as follows:


The conditions under which it operates will be set by the service provider, leaving NO LAND TATTOO PARLOUR exempt from any type of responsibility in this regard.

2.8. Delivery times

2.8.1. WWW.NOLANDTATTOOPARLOUR.COM will inform you of the approximate delivery time, which as a rule will be 2 to 3 working days in the case of shipping to the peninsula. For international shipments, it will be 4 to 7 working days. For shipments to the Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Ceuta, and Melilla, the delivery time will also be equivalent to an international shipment.

The shipping costs will be indicated in the shopping cart before you have to make the payment, so you know at all times what the total cost of the purchase will be.

2.9. Questions or inquiries

If you have questions about any aspect related to purchasing a course, you can consult us through our email.

2.10 Images, price, and description of products

In cases where due to computer or human errors, there is an error in the images shown, the descriptions or prices of the products, and WWW.NOLANDTATTOOPARLOUR.COM detects such error(s) at the time of receiving the order, during the shipping process, or upon receipt of the order by the customer, WWW.NOLANDTATTOOPARLOUR.COM reserves the right to cancel the order in whole or in part, and/or offer the customer a modification of their order by correcting the erroneous data with the correct and updated data.

Withdrawal, exchanges, and returns

3.1. For our products, withdrawal is only possible if the ITEM IS NOT UNSEALED FROM ITS ORIGINAL PACKAGING. In the case of a clothing item that requires size verification, it is essential that the garment has all its original labeling intact. This is in accordance with Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16, which approves the revised text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws.

You have 14 calendar days to exercise the right of withdrawal. We attach the model to exercise it at this link: WITHDRAWAL MODEL.

Once completed, you must send it to shop@nolandtattoopar lour.com, and we will indicate how to proceed to verify the origin of the return and refund the amounts paid.

If we observe that the product has been tampered with, does not have a seal, or the seal is not original, withdrawal and, therefore, the possibility of returning the product with a refund will not be possible.

3.2. Exchanges and returns

At the No Land Tattoo Parlour store, you can exchange the size of the garment you purchase within 30 days of receiving the order. Size exchanges will only be accepted if the garment is returned in perfect condition and with its original labeling intact. In cases where you want to exchange the size of a product, you will need to send an email to shop@nolandtattooparlour.com indicating this, receiving instructions to send us the item. Once we have received it and reviewed it to ensure it is in perfect condition, you will receive positive confirmation, and we will send you the item in the requested size.

In the case of returns, the period will be 30 calendar days from receiving the product. In the case of withdrawal, there are 14 calendar days in which you can request the return of the product in exchange for a refund without having to justify the reason for the return. From day 15, withdrawal cannot be exercised, but a return can be requested, not in exchange for the money paid, but through a voucher of the same value in our online store. The product must be in perfect condition, unsealed or with its original labeling intact. If you want to exercise the right of return, you will need to send an email to shop@nolandtattooparlour.com indicating the reasons for the desire to return. The company may require more information, photos, etc., before proceeding with the return process. After this first step, you will be given the next steps to follow to send us the item and exchange it for a voucher in our store if everything is correct.


4.1. Any access to a website owned by third parties is not the responsibility of WWW.NOLANDTATTOOPARLOUR.COM and must adhere to the terms of use and contracting and privacy policy of the website.

4.2. You acknowledge and agree that WWW.NOLANDTATTOOPARLOUR.COM is not responsible for damages caused by system interruption, delay, suspension, or data loss due to connection or equipment failure, unauthorized access to data, or other damages suffered by you in relation to the use of the services provided by THE COMPANY. Nevertheless, WWW.NOLANDTATTOOPARLOUR.COM will use maximum diligence to promptly resolve any incidents.

4.3. www.nolandtattooparlour.com does not guarantee the content of emails sent from or to the Site, notwithstanding the security measures and diligence implemented in accordance with industry standards at the time of implementation.

4.4. www.nolandtattooparlour.com is not responsible for losses or damages caused by the violation of these Terms and Conditions by the Customer.

4.5. To use the Site, you will need a compatible computer or device, an Internet connection, and one of the payment methods accepted by THE COMPANY. The price and any other costs and fees associated with the services and devices described in this clause are not covered by WWW.NOLANDTATTOOPARLOUR.COM or the Merchant unless otherwise specified.

4.6. www.nolandtattooparlour.com may suspend or terminate the provision of its services, in whole or in part, or take necessary measures without prior notice to the Customer to maintain the quality of the service in the following cases:

(I) Performing routine system maintenance tasks or emergency system maintenance tasks;

(II) In case of overload;

(III) When WWW.NOLANDTATTOOPARLOUR.COM detects a possible risk of service interruption;

(IV) To ensure the safety of Customers, or when it considers it necessary for the good of the service.


5.1. WWW.NOLANDTATTOOPARLOUR.COM is the owner or holds the rights over the domain name, trademarks and signs, application, Site, and content, including the texts and images of the WEBSITE, or has a sufficient license or authorization for their exploitation.

5.2. It is not permitted to use, reproduce, copy, transform, or transmit the contents published on the WEBSITE without the prior written authorization of the owner. If you have any doubts regarding the ownership of any content, services, and/or provisions offered through the site, please contact us to assist you.

5.3. By accepting these General Conditions, the User assigns to WWW.NOLANDTATTOOPARLOUR.COM, free of charge and exclusively, all exploitation rights over the articles, comments, and opinions (hereinafter, “the Content”) that the User publishes or authorizes publication on the Website. This assignment will be understood to be made for the worldwide territorial scope, without limitation, and for the maximum duration provided in Royal Legislative Decree 1/1996, of April 12, which approves the revised text of the Intellectual Property Law, regularizing, clarifying, and harmonizing the legal provisions in force on the matter. WWW.NOLANDTATTOOPARLOUR.COM may exploit the reproduction, transformation, distribution, and public communication rights of the Content, in the broadest sense recognized by said Law.

5.4. The items we offer for sale in our store are 100% original and authentic products, subject to copyright and intellectual property, so any action that may undermine these rights may be prosecuted judicially.


All users commit to complying with the privacy policy of the website as established in the following section: PRIVACY.

Likewise, this website uses its own and third-party cookies.


7.1. WWW.NOLANDTATTOOPARLOUR.COM will periodically review these general conditions. The modification or addition introduced by WWW.NOLANDTATTOOPARLOUR.COM will take effect immediately after it is published on the Site. The modifications of these general conditions will not have retroactive effect.

7.2. You acknowledge and agree that you will be bound by the terms and conditions applicable to the Site at all times and commit to executing and complying with them accordingly.

7.3. In case WWW.NOLANDTATTOOPARLOUR.COM entrusts a trusted third party with the custody of successive versions of the general conditions, both parties recognize as the only valid version of these conditions at all times, the one that is in the database of the trusted third party.


These General Conditions will be governed and interpreted according to Spanish law. WWW.NOLANDTATTOOPARLOUR.COM and the user agree to submit any dispute that may arise from the provision of the products or services subject to these General Conditions, to the Courts and Tribunals corresponding to the User’s domicile.

You also have the possibility to resort to a European Community consumer arbitration procedure. All the information is available at the following link: https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home2.show&lng=ES