Tattoos’ gallery in Valencia

In this section you will find a selection of tattoos made by our resident team and guest tattooers.

We cover any tattoo style from traditional to whatever the style you´re looking for. We hope to inspire you and bring some ideas for your next tattoo.

We guarantee we´re the right ones to choose!

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  • Abel Samaruc
  • Alba Weirdo
  • Antonio Polo
  • Don Rogelio J
  • Efe Rubio
  • Esther de Miguel
  • Gabri-L
  • Isa Santana
  • Maria Roca
  • Miguel Comín
  • Miguel Trip
  • Mimusa
  • Pablo Tomás
  • Sento
  • Silvia Marín
  • Xam
  • Yuyán