No Land Tattoo Parlour

Interview with Aiala Rojo (@AIALAROJO)

As you know, we usually make a small interview with the invited artists that visit us at No Land Tattoo Parlour. On this occasion we present you Aiala Rojo, who will be in our studio on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th September. Learn more about her work characterized by traditional bases with bright colours and pop trend. A jewel to wear on your skin.

When did you first start tattooing, why and since when have you been interested in the tattoo world?

I have always been attracted by the use of the body as an artistic expression, from the way they were painted in ancient cultures through action art, and to the symbolism of prison tattoos

I had friends from a very young age who were related to the tattoo world and with whom I started to share my restlessness. I started creating my first tattoos about five years ago when, after finishing university, I went to live in Madrid.

What are your influences?

I love traditional tattoos, but I let myself influenced a lot by everyday things. I like the old school but introducing modern elements in it like shoes, cartoons, logos or food for example.

What do you like the most aesthetically?

I’m crazy about kitsch, I love the aesthetics of the 90s, the tropical and saturated colours Miami Vice style, but without forgetting the most romantic side of the traditional tattoo.

Any artists, public or historical persons that you admire?

I like to get inspired by characters and artists outside of the tattoo world, this way I feel less conditioned when working. I often look at illustrators, graffiti writers, and I have always been interested in people like Jeff Koons and and his neo-pop, and other completely different artists like Anish Kapoor,for example because of his use of the red colour of course.

Any anecdotes?

Although it may sound a bit corny, every day something funny or cool to remember happens to me. Tattooing is one of the best things that have happened to me, and I want to continue living experiences, meeting people (you, of course!) learning, and doing everything with good spirit and sense of humour.