Tattoo Convention Valencia 2017

No Land Tattoo Parlour participates in the next Valencian convention as the maximum exponent of the city’s traditional tattoo.


The tattoo convention of Valencia that has been held since 2000, with some intermission or another, has always provided the city a good representation of the national and international tattoo scene, and, of course, the local scene too as this is its function, to show the general public everything that is happening in the world of tattooing in the city of Levante. Its purpose is to gather people from the trade, share knowledge, new materials, tattoo machines, techniques… and, of course, to have fun.

Its story started in the now extinct Balneario de Las Arenas on La Malvarrosa beach, and later moved to the Expo Hotel in the Nuevo Centro shopping centre. After some changes of location, this year it will be held at the Olympia Hotel in Alboraia, located at 3 Maestro Serrano street.

We, the team of No Land Tattoo Parlour will be present as a new studio that we are, although not less experienced because of it, in order to show that we are already a reference in the city both in traditional tattoo (Miguel Comín, Monica Kiddo, Esther de Miguel, Johnny Casino) and in blackwork (Richard Sorensen, Isa Santana) neo-traditional tattoo (Xam, Sento, Maria Roca), biomechanical tattoo rare to see today (Abel), Japanese (Kabra) or realism (Carles Bonafe).
We will therefore attend this new edition of the tattoo convention with a small representation of the team: Sento, Carles, Isa, and Miguel on June 9, 10 and 11 are ready to tattoo a lot and well!


Isa is able to move between many styles, although she is very comfortable with old school and blackwork. Here you can see some of her works.

Isa Santana blackwork No Land tattooIsa Santana paisaje dotwork blackwork no land tattoo

Miguel Comín


Miguel Comín is our expert in traditional tattoo in the purest classic style. Despite his short career in the world of tattooing he is very well underway and is destined to stand out in the Valencian scene. A small sample of what he is capable of.

Miguel Comín ancla tradicional old-school no land tattooMiguel Comin daga dagger old-school no land tattoo

Carles Bonafé

Carles Bonafe is the latest addition to the studio, and although he does everything, he’s very focused on the hyper-realistic tattoo, another young promise. His works are impressive.

Carles Bonafe realista tatuaje faro no land Carles Neptuno realista no land tattoo


Y Sento, alma máter de este “Tattoo Shop” en Valencia, (claramente basado en el ejemplo americano de como ha de ser una tienda de tatuajes) estará también presente con sus tatuajes limpios y sólidos, que van desde el tradicional, neo-tradicional o japonés. Te dejamos algunas de sus piezas.

Sento gramofono old-school no landSento blackwork serpiente snake no land tattoo

We look forward to seeing you!

And if not, you know where to find us…