Silvia Marín

Silvia Marín


I was born in Valencia in 1997, but I grew up in Titaguas, a small town in the Serranía. I remember all my childhood there drawing. It’s something I’ve always loved and I used to spend hours doing it. That’s why I decided to focus my studies in the artistic field and to study art in Valencia, where I live since, followed by a degree in Fine Arts.

Tattoos are also something that has always caught my attention, but the idea of tattooing someone and marking them for life concerned me. It was in 2015 when I finally got my first tattoo kit, with pretty bad material and machines, but they served me to practice. With what I learned from YouTube tutorials and the little I could find on the internet, I started practicing on pigskin. It took a long time before I dared to tattoo a person, but once I did it, I gradually gained confidence while tattooing friends and acquaintances at home. In 2018 I wanted to focus on tattooing in a more professional way, so I took the step to start working in a studio as an apprentice while combining it with my studies.

At that time I was pretty clear that I wanted to specialize in black and white realism, but it was as I discovered more styles that I started to focus more on blackwork, which is the style I feel most comfortable with today. In 2020 I finally graduated in Fine Arts and since then I dedicate myself full time to what I love the most, tattooing.

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