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I was born in Valencia on Christmas Eve of 1995. My childhood can be summed up as infancy among pencils, brushes and marking pens. As a little girl (and not so little) I was always quite different from the rest of the children. They used to label me as a “weirdo”, hence my artistic name “Weird Alba”.
Over the years I started to stand out artistically both inside and outside the school environment. I decided to take the high school final exams in artistic studies where I learned many new technics I am still using to this day. Afterwards I studied product design in the School of Art and Design of Valencia (EASD).
The tattooing world has attracted me my whole life so much that in 2012, following crappy YouTube tutorials, I decided to build a homemade tattooing machine using a pen, a button, a spoon and a motor. After having tattooed many fruits with this machine I decided to really step into this world, and in 2013 I purchased my first tattoo equipment. Since then I have been on a wonderful journey, although it hasn’t always been easy as I was learning in a self-taught way. I haven’t been able to keep my hands off of tattooing machines ever since. I still have a lot to live and learn, but I can say I’m delighted because now I can do it surrounded by all these incredible artists that are the family of No Land Tattoo Parlour.

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