María Roca

No Land Tattoo Parlour


I was born in 1985, but I ́ve always been traveling since I was a kid. I ́ve lived in Australia, Italy and Scotland. Now, back to Madrid – Veneno Tattoo -,I ́m still traveling and working regularly in other studios every few months, like No Land Tattoo (Valencia).


I ́ve been drawing since I can remember: from my childhood drawing classes, hyperrealism and oil painting in my adolescence to my later graphic arts degree.I began to get interested in tattoos when I was young when I got my first tattoo at the age of 14, a horrible tribal tattoo waiting to be covered ha ha.


When I was 19 I started to think about tattoo art as a way for living till I finally started my apprenticeship in 2008 in a studio from Rome. Then there was no way back anymore.I spend my time (and my health too) working hard, drawing a lot and learning to evolve. I like to wind down with some beers , good food and punk rock music when possible

Tattoos & Artwork