Xavi García

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Born in 1965, Xavi García Boix is well known in the world of tattooing, both nationally and
internationally, due to his early dedication to realistic tattooing, when only a very few people were doing
it in this country. Thanks to him our city has earned the nickname “cradle of realism” in Spain. We could
say that he has influenced the current big names of this style, although the others have developed a more
compositional and large-scale realism without focusing so much on portrait tattooing, which is his
He is a graduate in Fine Arts, photographer, musician (known for playing in the mythical Valencian punk
band INTERTERROR). He is also a specialist technician and professor in Graphic Arts, as you can see, a
truly restless mind. Since 1992 he continues his career as a tattoo artist having traveled extensively,
working in places as varied as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Singapore, Palermo, Mexico, Czech Republic,
Switzerland, and nationally he has tattooed in different studios in Murcia, Sevilla, Alicante, Malaga,
Zaragoza, Tarifa, Barcelona, Fuerteventura and Marbella among others.
Visit his website https://www.xavitattoo.com/

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