No Land Tattoo Parlour


I was born in Valencia. I ́ve been tattooing since 1996.


After three years deep into tattooing I moved to London, one of the most avant-garde places where culture is always evolving, and the city I ́ve been living ever since.While in London I worked at Frith Street Tattoo, The Family Business and Seven Doors.


I traveled to the United States and worked for some studios like Tattoo Paradise, King Avenue and American Graffiti as a guest artist.Besides tattooing I ́ve been really passionate into creating tattoo machines, my kind of parallel project, you can get them at lefthandtricks page. Currently I ́m a form member at No Land Tattoo, I ́ve been friends with Sento since I can ́t even remember, when he came up with this “No Land Tattoo” idea I definitely wanted to be part of it.

Tattoos & Artwork