Esther de Miguel

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Born in Madrid in 1982, her strong passion for tattoo art emerged at the early age of five after been fascinated about seeing a permanent drawing on someones skin when kid.She ́s always been in contact with any artistic expression, she got her first tattoo when she was 16 and since then this art has been always present in her life.


Years later she got graduated from Fine Arts at la Universidad de Granada and started her career as a self-taught tattoo artist around 2008.She moved to Berlin in 2010, where she has worked in studios like Fue Immer, Craft Berlin, Seven Devils, Loxodromeand and the place where she is currently tattooing, Erntezeit Taetowierungen.


Esther usually travels to some countries in Europe as a guest artist, also to other continents such as Asia and Oceania.

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