Don Rogelio J

Don Rogelio J.


A creator born and raised on the outskirts of popular culture in 1982. Like Johnny 5 in the film “Short circuit”, he devotes all his youth to compulsively consuming information without any qualitative criteria (cinema, TV, comics, pocket literature, cheap poetry, art catalogues of smalltown exhibitions….). Physically he develops late, which is why instead of sports he focuses on drawing. At the age of 16 he stops drawing and starts with punk.

Due to the demands of the script, he studied Fine Arts at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (2000-2005) paying for part of the torture by working as a tattoo artist (Mutant Tattoo, Harakiry Tattoo, Thee Pirate Studio, No land Tattoo parlour). A highly lucrative discipline that he still maintains to this day.

Tattoos & Artworks

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