Don Rogelio J


Born on March 1982 in a nuns ́ hospital.
Don Rogelio, born and raised in the popular culture outskirts in 1982. As

Johnny 5 in “Short Circuit” I ́ve spent all my youth drinking compulsively from everything I could with no rules or guides (films, TV, comics, literature,, cheap poetry, artistic catalogs from my town exhibitions… being the exception) Physically I grew up late, sports was not the option so I focused on drawing. At the age if 16 I quit drawing and I began with punk music.

By script requirements I studied Fine Arts in Universidad Politecnica de Valencia (2000-2005). All money I needed for studies I got from tattooing.
I taught myself how to tattoo while I was at the University. I realized I was going to starve to death with that so I looked for an alternative to make some money. After a while I wandered through some streets studios learning this trade and I ended up working with Sento “the leader” at Thee Pirate Studio, and now at No Land Tattoo Parlour. So far I ́ve lived in Montreal, Logan and Mislata, no doubt I rather stay in Mislata than other places. I ́ve been working in different tattoo studios such as Mutant Tattoo, Harakiri Tattoo or Thee Pirate Studio.

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