No Land Tattoo Parlour


I began tattooing around 1995, a friend helped me to get the basic things and information just to get started. Learning how to solder needles by myself was just a living hell.


Two years later I got to met Fernando, who gave me the chance to work at Tattoo Morvredre, my first studio where I stayed for 5 years. It was there where I got to develop my technique and style, also I got the chance to tattoo at my very first conventions.


After Morverdre ́s period i took a year off till I decided to establish my own studio, Samaruc Tattoo. It gave me the freedom to travel to other studios I found interesting to work with, and to tattoo at conventions where I could learn all I needed. My last adventure is called No Land Parlour Tattoo, I ́m going to work tattooing, surrounded by friends from who I can ́t do anything but keep on learning.

Tattoos & Artworks